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An advanced commercial TPMS that connects each fleet vehicle to our cloud via TireVigil onboard equipment.‍‍‍

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It connects your fleet's vehicles to the cloud and provides you the visibility you need 24/7 to prioritize and schedule service for tire problems as they develop, eliminate enroute tire-related breakdowns, optimize tread wear and casing life, maximize fuel economy, and improve safety.

‍‍‍TireWatch is an essential tool for improving truck tire maintenance by providing real-time visibility of all tire issues. Maintenance staff prioritize and schedule tire service based on advanced visibility of developing tire issues.

Technicians love the simplicity of recording their truck tire service as it follows the fleet's existing service processes. This process is now easy, fast and error free!

Technicians address each alert issue and review all of the vehicle's tire pressures to ensure they meet fleet targets. TireWatch also records all tire pressure adjustments and automatically closes alerts when resolved.

Your technicians will appreciate the investment in the latest technology tools and the confidence that everything is working correctly when a vehicle leaves the service bay.





The TireVigil Cloud

No other TPMS does it like TireVigil

TPMS 2.0 Service

‍‍‍‍‍‍Our OSTs decode multiple sensor types and brands from leading sensor manufacturers. TireVigil data is bundled with unlimited alerts, reports and usage of the TireWatch servicing app for a fixed monthly subscription fee. There are no cellular charges.

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US Operations
3508 Wedgewood Dr., Suite 101
Rochester Hills, MI 48306
Phone: (248) 373-0312


Our TireVigil Cloud Service includes five innovative services that deliver advanced truck tire management to every fleet.‍‍‍


‍‍‍An advanced commercial truck tire pressure monitoring system that connects each fleet vehicle to our cloud via TireVigil onboard equipment

TireVigil Cloud's TPMS 2.0 Hardware

Our hardware includes a Tire Data Monitor and Omni Sensor Transceivers which are the antennae that read TPMS sensors in every truck tire. The TDM supports Bluetooth, has GPS satellite tracking of vehicle location and 3G GSM communications that connect each vehicle to the TireVigil Cloud.

‍‍‍Automated INTELLAlerting Service

An advanced tire alert platform that utilizes ‍‍‍intelligent‍‍‍ algorithms to categorize alerts by warning, critical & catastrophic severities.

Our real-time 24x7 monitoring generates alerts for tire under-inflation, over-inflation, overheating and differences in dual tire pressures. Alerts recognize a vehicle's location and determine who has the responsibility and is available to address pending tire issues. Our alerts also include specific instructions for servicing problem tires that are based on our expert truck tire knowledge that no one else can provide today.

Our unique algorithms enable us to gain early insights when your truck tires are developing serious problems. We provide you with the information you need to determine whether a vehicle has several hours or days of driving time before service. This enables you to make smart decisions that keep truck tire service costs down without jeopardizing customer delivery schedules, driver productivity and safety. Now 90% of all truck tire inflation problems are preventable.

Simplifies truck tire management by automatically generating
fleet-wide reports on tire servicing activities and service quality.

‍‍‍The Active Issues report identifies truck tire issues and the service required to correct them. Management prioritizes and assigns resources to ensure proper tire service is performed.

A Service History Report summarizes the quality of the previous week's truck tire service. This report details each truck tire problem that was serviced and how it was corrected. Service that does not meet the fleet's standards is highlighted. When truck tire problems are resolved on the road, service events are captured automatically. This enables management to verify service bills without leaving your desk.

Always on TireWatch Service

The app designed by tire professionals that simplifies
truck tire service and ‍‍‍prioritizes tire issues.‍‍‍

We are the leader in TPMS innovation

Why is TireVigil different from other TPMS?‍‍‍

The future is here today

An advanced tire alert platform that utilizes ‍‍‍intelligent ‍‍‍algorithms to categorize alerts by warning, critical & catastrophic severities.

Simplifies truck tire management by automatically generating fleet-wide reports on tire servicing activities and service quality.

The app designed by tire professionals that simpl‍‍‍ifies truck tire service and prioritizes tire issues.

Our API shares
TireVigil data with
other groups and organizations.

API Data Exchange

Our API shares TireVigil data ‍‍‍with other groups and organizations.

An Application Program Interface (API) describes how information is exchanged between programs so that developers can write software that requests data from the other applications.

Developers love the simplicity of having a standardized method for consuming the intelligence derived from the TireVigil Cloud. Our API Data Exchange service is a secure API built on HTTP and is RESTful (REpresentational State Transfer).

Your benefits from utilizing our API include: consolidation of tire data into other fleet systems, standardization of tire data usage and improved productivity through our predictive approach to service.

Our algorithms drive
service actions

Tire data 24 x 7
moving or parked

Built by and for
tire personnel

Tire data doesn't
make yo‍‍‍u an expert

What you can prevent with tire pressure visibility
Management can verify bills without leaving desk
Manager can reward improvements

Management receives a monthly report on the state of all truck tire pressures across the entire fleet. The fleet tire survey identifies trends which enable managers to compare tire service performance at the fleet's various locations. Management uses this report to reward truck tire maintenance improvements and recognize safety contributions for reducing alerts and response times.

SuperTech using his tablet to service tires

‍‍‍Canadian Headquarters
11 Hines Road, Suite 201
Kanata, ON K2K 2X1

Phone: (877) 878-4445

TPMS 2.0 Certified
Developer leveraging TireVigil data through the API

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Having tire data‍‍‍ doesn't make you an expert

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