TireStamp is the leading developer of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) that meet the TPMS 2.0 standard for -commercial, construction, industrial and passenger fleet operators. Its products are available directly to fleet carriers and also are sold through leading tire dealers, and commercial tire OEMs. As an asset intelligence company utilizing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model, TireStamp provides expertise on tires and their effects on fleets’ operating costs, tire program management, asset management and other critical performance data that enable fleet users to reduce tire and fuel costs in addition to improving productivity and safety.

TireStamp History

In the fall of 2002 several TireStamp founders started to research the applicability of applying RFID tags to track tires. By April, 2003 the basic concept of a tire management product came together and TireStamp was formally created. They named the company TireStamp which was adopted from the early vision that the product being developed would be a Tire Safety Tracking And Monitoring Portal.

The company operated in “stealth” mode in the beginning while it worked on developing and integrating the hardware it needed to facilitate transmission of tire data off the vehicle and the software required to analyze and report on this data. Continuing research lead to the vision of a family of products called TireVigil™. The goal was to deliver to fleets an affordable TPMS that was easy to understand and operate in existing tire maintenance environments, be tire technician friendly, and easy to install.

In 2011, TireStamp introduced TireVigil™ TPMS to the market which incorporates all of these benefits in addition to innovative remote tire diagnostics and prognostics. TireVigil™ TPMS was designed to work with all tire sensor products to enable fleets to “mix-n-match” their tire sensor needs to their vehicle operating requirements. This approach enabled TireStamp to establish tire sensor quality standards and a tire sensor certification process to ensure that any sensors that work with TireVigil™ TPMS meet fleet expectations.

As the Company grows it continues to lead in the development of advanced tire data analysis and products using the latest technologies to enable fleets to achieve maximum tire performance, a better understanding of their tire operating characteristics, and improved vehicle safety.

TireStamp Technologies

TireStamp is a pioneer in TPMS 2.0 technology and has led the way for other companies endeavoring to transmit and analyze tire pressure, temperature and other data off the vehicle. TireStamp combined several technologies to provide fleet managers, Operations, Maintenance, tire technicians, and drivers with the tire information they need to improve tire maintenance and reduce costs. These include tire pressure and temperature monitoring sensors, telematics, GPS, and TireStamp’s proprietary technology that enables the system to, read several different makes of sensors and re-format the data for transmission off the vehicle. Once data is delivered to TireStamp’s servers and database, cold inflation pressures are calculated and a thorough analysis is made that enables comparisons of tire pressures and temperatures based on algorithms developed over many years of collecting real tire performance data. This unique feature enables the user to zero in on one specific tire or get a clear vision of the status of all the tires in the fleet even though they are hundreds of miles away. Alerts are generated based on the fleet’s customized thresholds and useful, actionable reports are generated automatically at fleet specified times as well as on demand. No special user hardware is required as anyone designated by the fleet with internet connectivity on a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone can access their fleet’s TireVigil™ data.

As a Software as a Solution (SaaS) company, TireStamp leads the industry in tire data analysis and stays with each fleet client to provide insights into their tire maintenance programs for continuous improvement. This is a benefit that is not available anywhere else.

World Class Technology Team

TireStamp is the only TPMS company whose staff includes associates with commercial fleet operations and tire maintenance experience that are recognized tire experts and have been consultants to commercial trucking fleets, federal government agencies, and tire and wheel manufacturers. The company’s transportation electronics engineering team is expert in vehicle component design, PCB design and optimization, vehicle operating system and firmware development and communication and network bus protocols. As primarily a software company, TireStamp software developers have expertise in internet application and hosted services, enterprise server and mobile handhelds, and data exchange through XML services.

TS News

  • TireStamp Partners with Teniko Sa to Supply TireVigil™ TPMS to Truck and Bus Fleets in Mexico +

    Partnership expands the availability of TireVigil™ TPMS throughout Mexico ROCHESTER HILLS, MI (May 13, Read More
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Our Mission

TireStamp’s mission is to be the leading supplier of advanced TPMS products under the TireVigil™ brand to commercial, industrial, construction and passenger fleet operators.

Our Brands

TireStamp has trademarked its products TireVigil™ and SensorVigil™. TireVigil™ identifies all TireStamp tire-related products. SensorVigil™ will address other products in the future that use sensors and the existing TireVigil™ electronics on the vehicle to monitor other components.

The tire visibility and accountability that TireStamp products provide enable fleets to maximize tire performance, substantially reduce operating costs, and improve vehicle and driver safety. Our customers, -fleet operators, tire manufacturers, tire dealers and commercial drivers, use this data to better manage tire assets, drive vehicle efficiencies, and operate more safely.