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tpms boxTireVigil™ TPMS is a revolutionary, TPMS 2.0 tire monitoring and vehicle tracking system that goes way beyond first generation electronic tire pressure monitoring systems. It picks up where other TPMS stop to deliver to fleets the tire information they need for their entire fleet, not just the tires on one vehicle at a time. By storing tire data in a database and using advanced analytical software, TireVigil™ provides alerts using fleet customized thresholds, actionable reports that reduce labor costs and improve tire maintenance, and management tools that improve the fleet’s entire tire maintenance program. The bottom line is tire, labor and fuel costs are reduced and driver and vehicle productivity and safety are improved. The added feature of providing vehicle tracking was requested by fleets that need to know where their vehicles are not only when they have a tire problem, but to run their businesses efficiently.


  • Acquire the information Maintenance, Operations and Safety personnel need to run your fleet efficiently
  • Proactively manage your tire maintenance program rather than constantly react to tire emergencies
  • Reduce tire costs and tire-related labor costs
  • Improve driver and vehicle productivity by preventing tire-related breakdowns
  • Improve the safety of your vehicles, drivers, and the motoring public
  • Improve your fleet’s CSA rating
  • Reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption by as much as 2-3%
  • Maximize tire retreadability and mileage to control and reduce your fleet’s tire costs
  • Save time in verifying service work performed when processing tire service invoices
  • Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • No special hand held devices are required to access the TireVigil™ system


  • Monitors tires 24/7, moving or parked; ignition on or off
  • Wireless on and off vehicle communications reduces installation time to under 1 hour
  • Provides an optional in-cab display that alerts driver and records driver acknowledgement of tire problems
  • Delivers alerts for underinflation, overinflation, differences in dual tire pressure, and overheating to anyone you designate with an Internet accessible device including your tire dealer/service provider
  • Delivers Alerts to your Blackberry, iPhone, or other internet connected cell phone
  • Reminds you to recheck wheel lug nut torque after a tire change to prevent wheel-offs
  • Reminds you of scheduled Preventive Maintenance Inspections based on mileage, time or engine hours
  • Monitors and compares heat in all tires on a vehicle and delivers alerts for hot axle ends due to frozen bearings and brake problems long before vehicle fires or wheel-offs occur
  • Automatically converts hot tire pressure to cold inflation pressure to provide alerts quicker, eliminate false alarms, and provide technicians with accurate instructions
  • Generates tire work orders automatically for daily tire service at all fleet locations
  • Enables you to customize thresholds for pressure and temperature alerts and retorque reminders by tire position, axle, and vehicle type
  • Stores all tire data for analysis
  • Keeps track of individual tire mileage and miles each tire has run underinflated and/or overheated
  • Generates reports automatically on how well tires are maintained including fleet wide tire pressure surveys
  • Delivers reports automatically for management and service personnel at the days and times you schedule
  • Provides verification of the quality of in-house and out-sourced tire service without leaving your desk
  • Every Alert reports the vehicle’s Last Known Location
  • Provides vehicle mapping and tracking to see where the vehicle currently is and where it has been
  • Enables you to access tire data anytime using your Blackberry, iPhone, tablet or any other Internet enabled device
  • Enables you to view data across the whole fleet, a group of vehicles, a specific vehicle, or a specific tire


Click the image below to download a PDF version of the TireVigil TPMS brochure.



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