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Rochester Hills, MI (November 15, 2017) – Just about everyone knows that tires are the second largest maintenance operating cost for fleets after fuel. In addition, they account for an estimated 51% of all emergency truck breakdowns. This situation has long been the case, but now with the rather imminent introduct‍‍‍ion of autonomous vehicles to trucking, high breakdown rates are no longer acceptable. The diagnosis and prevention of tire issues must be made well in advance of tires’ failing so that vehicles with developing tire problems can be re-routed to service locations where tire technicians, who have been pre-advised of a vehicle’s specific tire issues and have the correct tires and parts on-hand, can service and return them back into operation as quickly as possible and avoid breakdowns altogether.

Transport Topics' Website (December 20, 2017) – It has long been the case that tires reside at the top of the industry’s key maintenance challenges. What’s new is how the industry will deal with the potential for tire failures on autonomous trucks, and it’s an issue that must be addressed; Level 4 highly automated commercial vehicles — which per SAE definition will control all aspects of driving in sp‍‍‍ecified conditions — will require ‍‍‍automated response systems capable of scheduling and rerouting vehicles due to mechanical or operational issues such as tire problems.

Tire Maintenance Key in Age of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Trucks Demand Predictive Tire Monitoring

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