Autonomous Trucks Demand Predictive Tire Monitoring

Rochester Hills, MI (November 15, 2017) Just about everyone knows that tires are the second largest
maintenance operating cost for fleets after fuel.  In addition, they account for an estimated 51% of all
emergency truck breakdowns. This situation has long been the case, but now with the rather imminent
introduction of autonomous vehicles to trucking, high breakdown rates are no longer acceptable. The
diagnosis and prevention of tire issues must be made well in advance of tires’ failing so that vehicles with
developing tire problems can be re-routed to service locations where tire technicians, who have been
pre-advised of a vehicle’s specific tire issues and have the correct tires and parts on-hand, can service and
return them back into operation as quickly as possible and avoid breakdowns altogether.

There is technology available today that autonomous truck manufacturers can integrate into their new,
automated trucks that make tire-related enroute breakdowns and unscheduled repairs a distant memory. The TireVigil Cloud is a suite of five integrated tire monitoring and predictive tire diagnostics services designed from the start for this type of driverless environment.

Level 4 High Automation commercial vehicles require automated response systems capable of scheduling and re-routing vehicles due to mechanical or operational issues such as tire problems. The TireVigil Cloud calculates true, cold inflation pressure 24/7 using algorithms devised by TireStamp experts and employs predictive analytics that provide advanced notifications of developing tire issues anywhere from 5 hours to more than 30 days in advance of a tire failure.

As tire problems develop, the TireVigil Cloud can predict the amount of time the vehicle may continue to safely operate. It detects these issues and can interact with other systems off the vehicle using its’s API Data Exchange service to coordinate all tire-related maintenance without human intervention. The intelligent diagnostics and prognostics embedded within TireVigil Cloud’s Always-On TireWatch service also assesses the quality of the tire service performed before safely returning the vehicle back to its “route control” programs. This level of tire visibility is required for fleets, tire OEMs and tire dealers to respond quickly, efficiently, and properly to the needs of autonomous trucking.

TireStamp was the first company to collect tire data off commercial vehicles in real time starting in 2004. Its tire experts have been analyzing this data and matching this skill with their over 50 years of fleet tire/wheel experience maintaining thousands of tires and wheels for large fleets. As a result it has developed an analytics platform that monitors, collects, and analyzes data using its own tire algorithms that is light years ahead. The technology behind the TireVigil Cloud is required to help these trucks stay rolling on the road.

Technology companies like TireStamp, with this underlying technology and intellectual property are well positioned to build the next generation of tire management systems. These new systems will optimize tires and service solutions for autonomous vehicles and ride sharing fleets while leveraging tire and vehicle data to plan for proper tire maintenance and replacement. Partnering with the next generation of autonomous truck manufacturers, who realize the need for technologies like that behind TireStamp’s TireVigil Cloud in order to address their autonomous vehicles’ potential tire issues will be integral to making the trucking industry’s transition to autonomous vehicles a smooth and fast one.

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