Everyday Challenges

Do you wish you had a daily service work order report identifying all your tire problems by vehicle, yard and wheel position that includes specific tire servicing instructions which incorporate your fleet's tire policies?

Are road side tire breakdowns occurring too often?

Are your drivers really interested in maintaining your tire assets?

Are you facing any of the following challenges to having an efficient and successful truck tire maintenance operation?

Knowing When Tire Problems Are Developing

Often drivers ignore TPMS notifications in order to deliver their freight, get home or negotiate
traffic. If only Operations or Dispatch knew when a truck tire problem was developing, they could
provide the driver with specific instructions to prevent a failed tire and an emergency breakdown.

Would you like to know who serviced your vehicle's tires, when the service occurred and the quality of the work whether performed in-house or by a tire dealer?

Does your fleet have to deal with reams of Excel spreadsheets that provide accumulated raw tire data collected by manual processes, data loggers or TPMS systems and have to figure out what it all means?

Are tire servicing invoices and tire breakdown bills piling up because they arrive months after these events occurred and no one is quite sure what the real story was that long ago?

Are escalating CSA tire performance scores affecting your fleet's safety ratings?

TireVigil Cloud Service's advanced truck tire pressure monitoring is the solution to knowing when your tires are
improperly inflated. It intelligently monitors truck tires for fleet-defined issues, while they are moving or parked. If a problem occurs while running down the road, the TireVigil Cloud Service alerts those who can best address it such as emergency road service, personnel at a nearby location or a designated tire service provider.

Alternatively, if the problem occurs in a yard, only technicians and managers at that location are alerted. You define who will receive the alerts and which alert severities are transmitted to them.

Never gauge another truck tire! Technicians bring up a vehicle using TireWatch to check tire cold inflation pressures. TireWatch is a unique Internet based tool designed for technicians to record truck tire service work and manage TPMS equipment.

Technicians love it because it is fast, accurate, easy to learn and use ... and can be accessed from anywhere!

TireVigil Cloud's 24/7 visibility is the solution to knowing when truck tire problems are developing.
Any fleet personnel can receive TireVigil alerts indicating the start of a problem. They then will know when tires are underinflated, overinflated, overheating or when mismatched pressures are causing irregular wear.

Manage alert thresholds based on your company's requirements and availability of equipment. Alert severities include warnings, critical and catastrophic levels.

TireVigil Cloud will even record when a driver acknowledges an alert so that you can hold them accountable for driving on bad tires.

Visibility of truck tire problems is beneficial to operating your fleet efficiently! Jumping on issues as they develop and keeping truck
tires properly inflated optimizes your tires' performance, saves fuel and eliminates emergency breakdowns.

Avoiding Road Delays

Enroute breakdowns for tire-related problems delay vehicles for up to 2.5 hours or longer.
Breakdowns cause lost driving time and vehicle productivity, angry customers and costly late
delivery penalties, none of which is good for business. Preventing enroute tire failures is at the
top of every fleet's Tire Wish List.

TireVigil Clould's 24/7 monitoring is the solution. In addition to its alerting infrastructure, TireVigil Cloud's Scheduled Reporting Service generates actionable work orders for technicians to use each morning or at the beginning of their shifts. It advises them of the vehicles with tire problems.

If a problem develops while driving down the road, TireVigil Cloud enables you to find the closest service provider to the vehicle, or alerts your call center to the problem, so that the drive is directed to the appropriate service center before the vehicle breaks down.

Proactive truck tire maintenance is TireVigil Cloud's operational enhancement! Technicians can now address issues before drivers
arrive and head out on the road - preventing 90% of tire failures and breakdowns.

Keeping Wheels On Vehicles

Every fleet's worst fear is having tire/wheel assemblies come off vehicles while running down the road. A
wheel-off is catastrophic to anything it hits and the fleet is sure to get smacked with a lawsuit. The problem
occurs when a truck tire is changed at one location but no one is aware of this service when the vehicle
reaches its next destination, at which the wheel nut torque should be checked. Another common problem is
that it is too easy to miss checking the oil level in the hub cap especially on trailers. If there is no oil, bearings
will seize, axle ends will detach or axle ends will catch on fire as a result of the intensive heat that develops.

TireVigil Cloud's Torque Reminders and Monitoring of Axle End Heat is the solution to preventing these tragedies and their resulting high costs. TireVigil Cloud knows when a truck tire has been changed and reminds tire technicians at the vehicle's current location to check the wheel nut torque after the vehicle has run the fleet specified number of miles.

TireVigil Cloud also monitors axle end heat and compares each axle end to the others. If one is running hot, it will generate an
overheating alert to warn technicians to check the axle end. Axle end maintenance is no longer a reactive problem! Technicians
are able to gain visibility long before the bearings seize, an axle end detaches or a vehicle catches on fire.

Truck tire maintenance is frequently not performed to fleet specifications due to:

  • bad gauges
  • guestimates made due to hot tire pressures, and
  • not knowing what the correct target pressures are

Automatic Error Prevention is the way to ensure that technicians are always maintaining truck tires
correctly. TireVigil Cloud automatically takes the human error out of maintaining tires by advising technicians:

  • of the fleet specified target pressure
  • the accurate cold inflation pressure, and
  • the exact amount of pressure to add or remove even if the truck tires just came in hot off the road

TireVigil Cloud's operational enhancement is removing the guess work from maintenance. Even if a technician's gauge is off, they
can still measure the pressure and add or remove the correct number of pounds as directed.

Verifying Proper Tire Service & Maintenance

Service technicians are often asked to check all the tires on all the vehicles in the yard and to fix any problems
they find, or they are called on demand to address a specific tire on a vehicle. When you get the bill for this
work, you scratch your head and wonder if the service:

  • was truly needed
  • was actually done, and
  • met your company's specifications

The only way for you to check is to find the vehicle and manually inspect the truck tire yourself!

TireVigil Cloud's Service History Report is a better way to verify the quality of truck tire service and maintenance. The Service History report lists vehicles with tires that were serviced the previous week and shows:

  • the tire condition before it was serviced
  • the condition after it was serviced
  • whether the service met the fleet's specifications
  • who performed the service and any comments they may have logged, and
  • the vehicle's location when it was serviced

TireVigil Cloud provides the required verification you need without leaving your desk!

Complying With Regulations

Every fleet is dealing with safety rating systems that gather data from roadside inspections, traffic
violations, and crashes, even if not ticketed or cited. Truck tires are the second leading cause of
roadside inspection citations, after brakes.

Improved maintenance with a record of tire service is the solution to this challenge! TireVigil Cloud
enables you to better maintain your fleet's tires to reduce the number of tick marks in the "bad"
column associated with its safety rating.

If your fleet does get cited for a truck tire problem, TireVigil Cloud provides the documented proof that the problem has been
corrected. TireVigil Cloud is the tool you need to gain better control!

The challenges noted above are real concerns for any commercial fleet. But the good news is that TireVigil Cloud provides solutions to these issues. Read on to discover how 7 key benefits that, if implemented by your fleet, will transform your truck tire maintenance into an efficient, smooth running operation. They enable you to better manage your truck tire maintenance, increase your fuel economy, improve your fleet's safety rating, and reduce you‍‍‍r costs.

Knowing When Tires Are Improperly Inflated

The biggest problem with maintaining truck tires is the amount of wasted time technicians spend trying to find
improperly inflated tires. People have come up with all kinds of tools and techniques to try to quickly determine if
a truck tire is underinflated. They don't work and result in failed tires and enroute breakdowns!

Performing Proper Tire Maintenance

TireVigil Cloud Solutions

Know improperly inflated tires

Know when tire
problems develop

road delays

Keep Wheels
On Vehicles

Perform Proper Tire Maintenance

Verify Tire Service
& Maintenance

Comply With Regulations

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