Our Analytics Significantly Increases Asset Utilization

Our Analytics Significantly Increases Asset Utilization

monitored, total alerts issued by severity type and a chart that indicates when those alerts occurred over the last 30 days. It also displays the number of alerts over the last 3 hours that are still outstanding as well as the number closed.

Your fleet’s responsiveness to alerts, the average alert duration in hours and the distance traveled in an alert state are presented in gauges that indicate if response times are good, acceptable or if improvement is needed.

A map section provides color-coded vehicle markers that indicate vehicles with alerts and their locations. Finally, a bar chart that provides an up-to-the-moment tire pressure survey of all your fleet’s tires that are monitored by TireVigil Cloud is presented regardless of whether these vehicles are moving or parked. It also indicates the quality of tire inflation pressure maintenance being achieved by your fleet.

Never before have fleets been able to see the quality of their tire maintenance using their own real data in such a simple and clear way. TireVigil Cloud makes it easy for fleets to see at a glance this extremely valuable information and use this data to measure and track improvements in their tire maintenance.

Our innovative Maintenance Dashboard is the first totally tire focused dashboard to provide commercial truck and bus fleet managers with real-time performance information about their fleet's tires at a glance. Accessible through the TireVigil Cloud always on TireWatch app, the Maintenance Dashboard visually summarizes the quality of your fleet's tire maintenance based on real time metrics generated from data accumulated in the TireVigil Cloud from each of your fleet's vehicles equipped with TireVigil Cloud's TPMS 2.0 Service.

The dashboard is updated continually and provides statistics on the number of vehicles and tires being


Our Savings Dashboard is another innovation that provides commercial truck and bus fleet senior management with an instant snapshot of their fleet’s key tire metrics and the savings generated from its vehicles equipped with the TireVigil Cloud tire monitoring and management solution. Access to the Savings Dashboard is controlled by you and, like the Maintenance Dashboard, is accessible through TireVigil Cloud’s TireWatch app. The Savings Dashboard provides a realistic view of the savings your vehicles equipped with TireVigil Cloud are currently generating as well as the savings achievable when TireVigil Cloud is deployed to all of your fleet’s vehicles. These savings are automatically re-calculated every day using TireVigil Cloud’s algorithms and your fleet’s actual tire data. A snapshot of your fleet’s

Maintenance Dashboard

Savings Dashboard

Tire data doesn't
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current outstanding catastrophic, critical and warning alerts is provided in addition to the number of vehicles being monitored, the total distance they travelled, the number of alerts generated, and the total number of unique alerts generated this month.  

An analysis of the savings your fleet achieved using TireVigil Cloud is graphically displayed and shows the breakdown by categories that are impacted by tire maintenance.  They are derived from your fleet’s performance statistics and operating costs and show the impact that TireVigil Cloud has on your fleet. The Savings Dashboard uses charts and gauges to show key savings metrics that enable management to see how tire maintenance drives these savings. Tires can impact many functional areas in your fleet and your having total visibility and accountability provided by our analytics makes managing this complex resource a breeze.

All of our data analysis uses industry accepted calculations and are customized to your fleet’s specific performance and savings metrics. TireVigil Cloud makes it easy for fleet management to see at a glance this timely and extremely valuable information so improvements in tire maintenance can be made that reduce operating costs and positively impact your fleet’s bottom line.