‍‍Tire Maintenance Dashboard At Your Fingertips!

wrong, because this information is already available today!

Through TireVigil Cloud’s visibility, our tire expertise can now assist your tire maintenance staff and provide you with the best tire maintenance management tools ever invented.

If you want help in reducing your company’s operational costs through better tire management, contact us.

How healthy are your tires? A snapshot is worth a 1,000 words!

With tire data stored in the cloud, the Maintenance Dashboard visually summarizes a fleet’s tire maintenance performance based on its real-time metrics. Charts and graphs show the number of vehicles and tires being monitored and the number and types of currently active alerts as well as the alerts that were triggered over the last 30 days.  You can see your fleet’s responsiveness to alerts gauged from “Good”, "Acceptable" to “Needs Improvement” and the average alert duration in hours. If you’re thinking “This must be the future?”, you’d be

Watch the Maintenance Dashboard in action >>

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