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December 2017 – How healthy are your tires? A snapshot is worth a 1,000 words!With tire data stored in the cloud, the Maintenance Dashboard visually summarizes a fleet’s tire maintenance performance based on its real-time metrics.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Tire Maintenance Dashboard At Your Fingertips!

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November 2017 – A leading telematics supplier recently released afleet survey highlighting that 39% of fleet executives need to r‍‍‍educe their operational costs. What is surprising is that no one identified what should be done to actually drive these savings: better tire maintenance! ‍‍‍

October 2017 – A respected industry source for tire analytics published its annual data book on commercial tire dealer profits and it was a shocker!  Tire dealers’ largest profits come from emergency road service which you have no alternative to pay‍‍‍ing.‍‍‍

Breakdown Costs, What A Shocker!

Your Fleet Tires Are Failing CVSA Inspections

Operational Savings: What You Are Missing!

September 2017 – In June 2017, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance placed out-of-service nearly one of every four trucks that received comprehensive Level I inspections during its International Roadcheck. The top three out-of-service vehicle violations during this initiative were for brake systems (26.9%), cargo securement (15.7%) and tires and wheels (15.1%). Brakes and tires have always scored the largest violations in CVSA inspections, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.‍‍‍

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February 2018 – ‍‍‍TireVigil Cloud's Savings Dashboard measures savings from mining your tire data and changes tire maintenance forever!

See Your Tire Savings Live!

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