A leading telematics supplier recently released a fleet survey highlighting that 39% of fleet
executives need to reduce their operational costs. What is surprising is that no one identified
what should be done to actually drive these savings: better tire maintenance!

Tires play an extremely large and important role in your fleet's maintenance budget. With over
37,543,263 miles monitored, TireStamp has driven significant savings to fleets by reducing
emergency tire-related breakdowns, fuel consumption and labor costs in addition to reducing tire
fires and improving your fleet’s safety record. Our TireVigil Cloud service also reduces CSA
out-of-service events and insurance premiums that add-up to improved driver productivity and
significant savings.

Cost savings are driven from:

  • Reductions in Emergency Breakdowns: 90 of emergency roadside breakdowns are preventable.
  • Reductions in Labor: elimination of manual inflation pressure checks
  • Reductions in Fuel Consumption: cost savings from 2% to 4%
  • Reductions in Tire Costs: improvements in tread mileage and tire life result from having visibility of under-inflation, over-inflation and overheating conditions
  • Elimination of tire/vehicle fires: vehicle fires caused by seized bearings and frozen brakes are a thing of the past
  • Improved driver and vehicle productivityPrevention of accidents, injuries, vehicle damage and contents destruction due to tires being properly maintained all the time

If you want to reduce your operational costs, contact us.

Operational Savings: What You Are Missing!

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