TireVigil Cloud Trial

Tire data doesn't
make you an expert

The goal of a TireVigil Cloud trial is to provide you with an opportunity to experience the capabilities of TireVigil Cloud in your own operation to determine whether your company can benefit by using this technology. This trial process identifies the phases and duration of the trial along with TireStamp's and your fleet's personnel's participation roles. In addition, you may establish goals that will be agreed to and included within the trial structure so that all your questions are answered and documented along with the TireVigil Cloud trial results.

Phase 2: Accountability (~30 days)

Effective use of TireVigil Cloud

Phase 3: Savings (~30 days)

Determining TireVigil Cloud's Return On Investment

Introduction of Savings Dashboard
TireStamp will analyze performance
in meeting trial objectives
TireStamp will provide a summary of
the trial findings, actual ROI to date and
projected savings to your fleet based on
full deployment

Next steps

Ensures your fleet gets most out of TireVigil Cloud
Introduction of Maintenance Dashboard
Involvement of Maintenance, Operations, Safety
& General Management in trial and results
TireStamp will provide recommendations for
tire maintenance improvements if any

TireStamp will provide a summary of the trial results
to date including an analysis of Phase II objectives

Document fleet trial objectives
Complete fleet and trial vehicle profiles
Complete TPMS 2.0 service training
Install vehicles and finalize alert thresholds

Establish responsibility for trial tasks
Set the official trial start date

Trial Setup (~10 days)

Phase 1: Visibility (~30 days)

Your fleet acquires familiarization and
operational experience with TireVigil Cloud

TireStamp will provide a summary of the trial results to date including an analysis of Phase I

Understanding how TireVigil Cloud works

Deployment Decision (~90 days)

Upon completion of the trial
you will have an additional
90 days for your fleet to
decide whether to begin
deployment of TireVigil
Cloud with no additional
monitoring costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the list of commonly asked questions and their answers
about trials in the FAQ. This
special information is beneficial
when evaluating this technology.

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