TireVigil Cloud is composed of five unique services bundled together to provide your fleet with a complete tire management solution that leaves nothing to chance when you follow the built-in service instructions. Our hardware combined with your choice of proven tire sensors and our TireWatch servicing app dashboards that are designed for both technicians and management, provides a daily snapshot of your fleet's tire conditions and prioritizes them by the amount of time remaining to service them before failure. This invaluable information is tightly tied together using our automated, unique data analytics. TireVigil Cloud gives you peace of mind knowing that it is always looking out for your fleet's tires and is on your side.

TireVigil Cloud is truly revolutionary in its approach to tire maintenance. It combines the latest advances in TPMS with an always on and always visible view of your fleet's tires. It constantly monitors them and looks for any developing tire issues long before you would normally be able to detect them. TireVigil Cloud then diagnoses each issue based on years of collecting tire data and building algorithms to identify the nature of the problem. It also provides you with service instructions in addition to the amount of time your service team has to address issues long before tires fail and disrupt your operations.

TireVigil Cloud captures tire data continuously 24 x 7, moving or parked. This is important since it is necessary to properly calculate the correct cold inflation pressure. Without cold inflation pressure, your tire pressure readings can be wrong! Every pressure TireVigil Cloud displays is adjusted for temperature not only in the tire, but also for the temperature around the vehicle. This prevents false alerts and enables TireVigil Cloud to accurately determine the pressure in your tires while they are moving or experiencing heat soak after long runs on the roads. Without TireVigil Cloud vehicles must sit idle for a minimum of 3 hours to cool down before an accurate pressure reading can be taken.
In addition, TireVigil addresses the chronic issue of uncalibrated service gauges by providing the exact number
of pounds of pressure that must be added or removed from tires.

What Makes Us Unique

Tire Data 24 x 7, Moving Or Parked

Our Algorithms Drive Service Actions

Our 10+ years of researching tire data patterns and trends has enabled us to develop predictive algorithms that provide suggested tire service actions hours to weeks in advance of tire failures. This gives you the flexibility to maximize your vehicles' revenue miles by knowing whether you can safely drive until the end of route, end of day or need to pull the vehicle off the road immediately. That visibility enables your company to make decisions that do not unnecessarily disrupt Operations while still enabling your fleet to operate safely.

TireVigil Cloud is built for tire technicians, Maintenance, Operations, and IT managers and corporate executives based on 50+ years of fleet tire and wheel maintenance expertise. TireVigil Cloud's TireWatch service recommendations are derived from the American Trucking Association's Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) and your fleet's existing service procedures. TireVigil Cloud records the technician's name who performed the service work along with any comments about the service event. It also provides maintenance managers additional visibility so that they can
better organize their tire maintenance by prioritizing service by location and alert severity.

Having Tire Data Doesn't Make You An Expert

Driven By TireVigil Analytics

Real Visibility And Accountability

Built By And For Fleet Personnel

Most other TPMS products have been designed for drivers but as we all know, drivers do not want to maintain your fleet's tires. Many TPMS companies have partnered with telematics companies to send their data off vehicles and have given their telematics partners the job of analyzing it.  However, while any programmer can sort and crunch data, it takes real commercial fleet tire experts to determine how best to use that data to meet fleet needs and not overwhelm you with reams of useless information. TireStamp is the only tire technology company staffed by professionals who have worked in big fleets and have had responsibility for over 250,000 tires and wheels. Everything we have built has their extensive fleet experience and tire knowledge embedded into it. We ensure that the information TireVigil Cloud provides must make sense not only technically but operationally with the understanding of the maintenance challenges you have every day with your tires.

Since TireStamp has tire data, technology wizards, and tire experts all in one company, it can invent more things that improve tire maintenance and management using the latest advances in technology. The Maintenance Dashboard is another first that we bring to your tire and management team. It displays your fleet's tire maintenance performance in real time metrics generated from data accumulated in TireVigil Cloud from each of your TireVigil Cloud equipped vehicles. This innovative tool enables you to understand not only what is happening now but also enables you to manage and track your progress, efficiency and the quality of service work. The Savings Dashboard provides a realistic view of the savings your vehicles equipped with TireVigil Cloud are currently generating as well as the savings achievable when TireVigil Cloud is deployed to all of your fleet's vehicles. The TireWatch app is always on and ready to update your
view of exactly what is happening in your tire service bays, on the road, and across your fleet.

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Benefit From Our Tire Service Experts

Adjusted For Cold Inflation 24x7

Indisputable Tire Facts

Nobody Does It Better


Accuracy, speedier service
and elimination of false alerts

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Make better decisions with accurate data and less disruptions

Tire experts in your back pocket give visibility to prioritize maintenance

Use right tool embedded with fleet experience and tire knowledge

Innovative technology to update your view of exactly what is happening

Monitor equipment to
ensure TPMS is operational

How Do You Know TPMS Is Still Working?

Most tire pressure monitoring systems do not provide warnings when their TPMS equipment becomes inoperable or malfunctions. Without this visibility fleets are misled into believing that their tires are running down the road with no issues which may certainly not be the case. This lack of TPMS equipment visibility impacts the quality of tire maintenance that is performed since no one is aware of developing or serious tire problems. TireVigil Cloud addresses this issue by continuously monitoring each hardware component’s health.

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Tire data 24x7,
moving or parked

Our algorithms drive service actions

Built by and for fleet personnel

Having tire data doesn't make you an expert

Real visibility and accountability

How do you know
TPMS is still working